adjective: feeling energetic, vigorous, or active

All the Greens Smoothie Bowl

Time: 4 min.

Hemp Milk Matcha Latte

Time: 5 min.

Hemp Zucchini Breakfast Cookies

Time: 30 min.

Is the Law of Attraction Real? Understanding Manifestation

Kim Strother

The premier trainer and fitness instructor — and fun-loving wellness enthusiast.

Mood-Boosting Spirulina Pancakes

Time: 15 min.

Blueberry Pie Protein Smoothie

Time: 5 minutes

Rosemary Paloma

Time: 5 minutes

Can CBD Spice Up Your Sex Life?

On Coming Out: Accepting and Owning the Lesbian Identity

Madame Gandhi

Electronic music producer, drummer, artist and activist known as Madame Gandhi.

Crispy Cheezy Kale Chips

Time: 15 min.

Dria Murphy

The trampoline guru and founder of Alise Collective passionate about supporting wellness brands.

Raw Chickpea Cookie Dough with Carob Chips

Time: 10 min.

Iced Vanilla Bean Cold Brew

Time: 5 minutes

Ginger Mule

Time: 5 Minutes

How Is Stress Impacting Your Sex Life?

Afterglow founder Lilly Sparks breaks down the connection between sex and stress and shares fun tips for stress relief.

Superfood Smoothie

Time: 10 min.

B Corp & Proud: An Invitation to Join Us on the Path Forward

Latham Thomas

Vitamin C Wellness Tonic

Time: 5 minutes

On Beauty Standards: Inclusivity and Redefining the Color Nude

Jessica Capshaw

Actress, mother and wife of our founder, Christopher Gavigan.

Not Another Clean Beauty Brand—Why The Planet Needs Accountable Brands, Not Sustainable Ones

Nikki Reed's Ginger Bug for Gut Health

Time: 1 week

Dive in Well: Meet Maryam Ajayi

Meet the Healer, Activist and Founder and CEO of Dive in Well

Prima x Dive in Well's Uplifter Mocktail

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