Renewal Stone | Jade Gua Sha Tool for Face & Body

Gua Sha stone to tone, de-puff & relieve tension


So long, tension headaches. Hello, smooth and sculpted skin.

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No CBD. Just white jade.


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8 cm x 5.3 cm

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Tension hides in the face, jaw and upper body, leading to headaches, puffiness, worry lines and more. A restorative Gua Sha massage with our white jade Renewal Stone can release those sneaky points of stress. Rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, Gua Sha is a series of simple motions that targets muscle tension, fascia release, boost circulation and support lymphatic drainage. For a difference you can see and feel.

When paired with simple Gua Sha movements, this white jade stone is a restorative tool that targets the causes of stress and inflammation that begin below the surface and manifest outwardly on our skin. Address puffiness, worry lines, swelling and sagging – even jaw and neck pain. Simply apply your go-to lotion or oil and let our Renewal Stone work its magic across your face and body, releasing tension and rejuvenating your skin as you go.

Cleanse skin and prep by applying a luxe oil to allow the Gua Sha to glide easily. We love Night Magic for this.

At an angle parallel to the face, using gentle yet firm pressure, massage the stone across the skin in outward motions following the diagram below. Repeat each motion 3-5 times. Note - be gentle on your skin! Too much pressure can be damaging.

Use daily as a facial massage ritual to increase blood flow and support lymphatic drainage. Can also be used on the body for a rejuvenating head-to-toe massage to support myofacial release and relieve muscle tension.

White Jade stone

  • Pouch: cotton canvas
  • Box: FSC-Certified card stock (harvested from trees located in responsibly managed forests)

Responsibly made in China


Clean &


Vegan &


Single Origin,
Family Farms


Hemp Extraction


3rd party tested
& validated



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