The Prima Way

This is our philosophy — a demonstration of our core values and beliefs, and our uncompromising approach in bringing them to life.

No. 01


As leaders in this transformative industry, we feel a deep responbility to define a new paradigm and set a new, elevated course.

No. 02


We honor the wisdom of nature and firmly believe in the healing power of our synergistic connection. It is in respecting, elevating and benefitting from all she has to offer that true wellbeing can be found.

No. 03


Wellness is an interdisciplinary science. To ensure we're bringing the best science to the table, we rely on the top scientist and health experts in every field we evaluate.

No. 04


We seek out only the highest quality sustainably grown hemp, forging relationships with family farms committed to premium, responsible, socially just and sustainable materials — always.

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No. 05


With a hyperfocus on credible science, clinical testing, and emerging botanical discoveries, we’re able to thoughtfully implement technologies that make our products as biocompatible and beneficial as possible.

No. 06


Doctor formulated and holistically designed, our advanced formulations utilize meaningful levels of the very finest naturally derived actives — for best-in-class products that are born in nature and backed by science.

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No. 07


100% Clean. 0% Questionable.

Our industry-defining standard sets a new bar for safety and purity and starts with our Restricted List, which identifies the 2800+ questionable chemicals, ingredients and materials we choose not to use. It is through this steadfast commitment that we’re able to create the clean, safe, non-toxic essentials you so deserve.

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No. 08


We choose to be earth-first caretakers, minimizing our impact in every decision we make. We place a great emphasis on post-consumer recycled materials and packaging, offset our entire carbon footprint and always prioritize human and planetary health.

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No. 09


Our ISO-accredited lab adheres to comprehensive, pharmaceutical-grade controls and processes to ensure consistency, quality, purity and potency for every batch of our products.

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No. 10


Just as important as the comprehensive testing and validating we mandate to ensure safe, premium quality products: the radical transparency with which we share these processes and results with you.

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