What Do Bath Bombs Do For Your Skin?

The Magazine: What Do Bath Bombs Do For Your Skin?

Many of us have experienced the transformative and restorative power of a long, hot bath. This dedicated time to relax and unwind can allow a full-sensory experience, complete with lit candles, perfect-temperature water, and maybe even a glass of wine. There’s intention behind a bath, a clear choice in putting yourself first. But there are products out there that heighten the bath experience. Bath bombs set the tone, putting you in the right space to soothe your mind.

What are bath bombs?

Bath bombs are compressed dry ingredients that dissolve and disperse once dropped into water. They’re available in an array of unique shapes, fun colors, and relaxing scents.

Bath bombs are an ever-growing popular add-on to this self-care ritual. These “gems” personalize the bath experience depending on what you want and need out of your “me time.” Minerals, aromatics, oils, and yes, CBD, can all play a role in crafting the perfect bath bomb experience.

What are some common bath bomb ingredients?

While bath bombs come in many shapes, sizes, and scents, many of the core ingredients go unchanged. Some of the most common bath bomb ingredients include:

  • Epsom salt: This common bath companion is actually a form of magnesium, an essential mineral that purifies and detoxifies.
  • Essential oils: Whether a lovely lavender or a lively lemon, essential oils are what make bath bombs smell oh-so-amazing.
  • Baking soda and citric acid: This dynamic duo is what makes bath bombs fizzle as they dissolve in the bath. Baking soda and citric acid react and produce carbon dioxide bubbles when they come into contact with water.
  • Oils: Choose from any number of oils with skin-hydrating properties, such as coconut oil or safflower seed oil, a key hydrating ingredient in our Bath Gem.

However, not everything in a bath bomb is an ideal part of bath time. Read the ingredient panel and consider avoiding bath bombs with these ingredients.

  • Additives: Some bath bombs include rose petals, glitter, or another unique visual that unfurls as your bath bomb dissolves – and create a beautiful, Instagram-worthy aesthetic. Sure, they might look pretty, but additives aren’t meant to be in the bath with you. Steer clear of those irritating additives.
  • Artificial fragrances and dyes: Just like additives, artificial fragrances and dyes can aggravate skin. You want an itch-free bath bomb experience, not one that causes irritation.

At Prima, we believe the best bath bombs— and any skincare product, really—use natural, cruelty-free ingredients. Enhancements such as oils, Epsom salt, and CBD are positive additions to an already-relaxing bath. Our Bath Gem incorporates lavender, eucalyptus, and camphor, which helps your skin feel nourished and makes it appear smoother and more hydrated.

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What your bath bomb can do for you

1. Bath bombs are nourishing for your skin

The right bath bomb is filled with natural, non-irritating ingredients that are hydrating and moisturizing. Different oils have alternative effects, whether it’s rejuvenating, cleansing, or moisturizing. Our Soak It In Bath Gem contains the ultra-hydrating meadowfoam seed oil and broad spectrum hemp extract, both of which can help nourish your skin while enhancing your skin’s appearance.

2. Bath bombs add aromatherapy

Smell is a powerful sense, and the right scents can transport us to new places, evoke memories, or even signal our brains to relax. The aromas that release from bath bombs permeate the room. Choose your favorite scent, or one with a purpose like lavender for relaxation, and let the smell waft over you as you unwind.

3. Bath bombs set the tone for a well-deserved night in

Deciding to incorporate a bath bomb into your self-care routine is an intentional act, one that you’ve chosen to because you want to create a zen space to help bring balance into a hectic day or week. The sights, sounds, and smells of a bath bomb elevate this routine from basic self-care to a spa-like journey.

How to make the most of your bath bomb

On their own, bath bombs can make any bath better, with ingredients that soften your skin and essential oils that smell heavenly. But what can be done to heighten an already-delightful experience?

Consider incorporating other visuals or tastes to heighten your bath bomb experience. Lighting candles – both unscented and in your favorite scent – can set the mood. Dim the lights a little, and brew your favorite cup of tea (or swap out the tea for your favorite wine). You could play some calming music on your phone, too. With just a few swaps and additions, your ordinary bathroom becomes a truly relaxing paradise.

From blah to “bomb”: elevating your self-care routine

There’s nothing better than nourishing your mind and body at the same time. Taking time to be intentional with yourself, taking a bath, really taking the day off — can soothe all its own. But the natural ingredients that make bath bombs can make how you choose to relax even better. Our Bath Gem contains a blend of botanicals known to soothe, including Epsom salt, moisturizing oils, and CBD. Aromatic essential oils courtesy of eucalyptus, lavender, and camphor bring your bath to the next level. It’s time to take some time to unwind, relax, and refocus on you, and there’s no better place to do so than the bath.

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