Wellbeing vs. Wellness

The Magazine: Wellbeing vs. Wellness

Wellness. It’s a term that over the years has become ubiquitous to say the least, co-opted by countless brands across a range of products, and used as a catchall across a broad rangeof products from skincare to supplements, apps to athleisure wear. Or merely referring to the state of our physical health resulting from deliberate effort. It’s no wonder the term has become almost impossible to define and its use: empty. It means everything...and nothing.

We at Prima strive to be so much more.  Our North Star is to be that guiding light of hope, of guardianship, of therapeutic betterment, of becoming. We eternally believe in being even better...with our bodies, our relationships, with our mindset.  We believe this is the holistic pursuit of wellbeing.

Wellbeing is made up of broader, more interconnected and intersectional, conditions of existence.  These are inclusive of health, happiness, and prosperity - and include our self-perceptions of physical health, behaviors and habits, mental outlook, social connectedness to others, purposeful productivity, as well as our contentment, joy and hopefulness.

The beautiful thing about this idea of wellbeing is that it embraces our attention, consciousness and adaptation of the journey.  The journey we all call ‘life’. The journey where we are practicing, evolving, doing, and being.   Therefore, wellbeing isn’t a destination, it is a humble acceptance of the work in progress, and the art of living.

With this acceptance comes a softening and a grounding — a voice that says, Don’t worry about perfect, be present...here’s to now.  And it brings with it the gift of being in the moment...a feeling, an emotion...rather than a sense of accomplishment.

As we get older, this idea is one that continues to reveal itself and resonate even more. We embrace the practice and the process. We find meaning in our missteps. We come to realize that no two paths will look the same, each as fluid and unique as each of us. And we acknowledge the truth that our path 5, 10, 20 years from now...will look very different than it does today.

Prioritizing our wellbeing allows us to honor our physical, mental and emotional relationships with ourselves and others. It thrives on connection. It grows with gratitude. It multiplies with kindness, generosity and love.  It is in this spirit that Prima’s mission is to “uplift science and nature to advance health and cultivate collective wellbeing”.

We often say, “Imagine what we could do, individually and collectively, if we all felt just a little bit better.” So we ask you, what would you do? How would you be? Imagine what could be possible.

The pursuit of wellbeing is what allows this to be so. Little by little...and bit by beautiful bit.

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