The Easiest Way to Layer Prima Skincare for the Ultimate Glow

The Magazine: The Easiest Way to Layer Prima Skincare for the Ultimate Glow

We all want “it” - that elusive, illuminated from within look. That ‘I get 8 hours of sleep a night, never stress and just had an orgasm’ radiance. That magical sensation you get when your skin doesn’t just appear amazing, it feels amazing.

So how do you get “it”? Of course, taking care of yourself is the first critical step (all of the usual suspects like exercise, rest, and eating well apply here). We believe that wellbeing is an inside job that can’t possibly be achieved through a skincare routine alone.

But when you apply products that have a synergistic interaction with your body, you tap into your skin’s potential to truly glow. We’re talking about products made with active, plant-based ingredients formulated to tap into your internal ability to take care of the largest organ in your body.

It’s shockingly simple – you don’t need a million potions and lotions. In fact, all of that 10-step product layering could be doing more harm than good. You really only need three, applied in a certain order, every day (or night). That sounds doable, right?

Then let’s get into it.

Three steps to unlocking your skin’s ultimate incandescence:

Step One: Prime your Skin with a Water-Based Balancing Serum

Think of this first step as laying a hydrated, balanced foundation for your skin: your washed, clean face is thirsty for moisture and nutrients. And the perfect elixir for it to drink it is a replenishing, concentrated serum like Enlightenment Serum.

Harnessing active, plant-derived ingredients is what makes it so powerful: Saccharide complex bestows intense hydration, niacinamide (aka Vitamin B3) refines the look of your pores and fights dullness, and antioxidant-rich coconut water fights free radicals.

And then there’s the broad spectrum hemp extract with naturally occuring CBD: serums don’t need CBD but they’re much more effective when they tap into its skin-loving properties. The cannabinoids support the skin barrier and restore balance in tone and texture - and are the ultimate soother. This is why Enlightenment is also helpful to apply after, say, you’ve gotten too much sun - it calms skins and reduces the appearance of discoloration and uneven texture.

Enlightenment Serum

CBD serum with niacinamide for hydrated, radiant skin

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Step 2: Apply You Skin’s Armour with a Rich, Nutrient-Dense Moisturizer

Now that you’ve repaired and prepped your skin, it’s ready to receive the ultimate nourishing goodness only a powerful, plant-derived moisturizer can provide. This second step is crucial - it’s where the real transformational magic happens, where the hard work is done.

The Afterglow is that workhorse, with a heart of gold: Its combination of rich butters, ayurvedic adaptogens, hyaluronic acids and pure plant hemp extract plump and illuminate your skin, increasing its firmness while protecting it from environmental stressors.

It begins with the base of luxurious, exotic butters. Rich in phytosterols, which are a biocompatible way to replenish your skin’s naturally produced nutrients, they combat free-radical damage and work together to seriously moisturize your skin.

Add to that a proprietary blend of ayurvedic adaptogens including turmeric and ashwagandha: these powerful ayurvedic extracts are what help guard against toxins like pollution, blue light and sun that can wreak havoc on skin. 

What makes the Afterglow so insanely hydrating, though, is the four types of hyaluronic acid. Each with their own densities, they form a network of moisture replenishment. Mix in vegan collagen to promote elasticity, squalane for softness, and top it all off with 500 mg of whole-plant hemp extract to naturally calm and even your skin’s tone and texture.

Step 3: Lock in the Magic with a Supercharged Face Oil

Face oil may seem like an extra step at first glance - but it’s essential to completing the three-step process that will lock in your moisturizer’s goodness and give you that orgasmic glow. Often misunderstood, face oils do the opposite of what you might first assume - your skin actually needs oil in order to retain moisture and maintain a healthy balance.

But if you’re going to use one as part of this regimen, make it count: many face oils have fillers in them - the first few ingredients are often cheap cooking oils that are not as effective. Night Magic contains only the highest quality cold-pressed oils, with nothing in between.

These oils are veritable skincare wunderkind: Prickly Pear Oil is packed with vitamin K and omega fatty acids to even and brighten your skin. Rose Hip Extract is a multitasking miracle worker that fights both signs of aging. Amino acid-rich Hemp Seed Oil helps reduce redness and soothes your skin. And of course, the benefits of these nutrient and benefit-packed ingredients are only amplified by the synergistic benefit of CBD.

As a final step, this face oil is the equivalent of a hot cup of tea and a weighted blanket before bed, allowing your skin to rest and rejuvenate.

Night Magic

Intensive facial oil for hydration & radiance

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