Prima is Now Plastic Neutral

The Magazine: Prima is Now Plastic Neutral

Did you know the majority of plastic waste (91%) — including chips packets, chocolate wrappers, and more — never makes it to recycling? Instead, all that waste ends up in our ecosystem, remaining there for centuries.

While many of us know plastic is bad for our ecosystems, what is less understood is there are entire industries comprising some of the world’s most marginalized groups of people working to recycle our plastic waste. Despite them turning over billions of dollars every year, tens of millions of waste scavengers and workers are systematically exploited by buyers higher up in the supply chain. As a result, these environmental heroes are trapped in abject poverty, earning not nearly enough to afford a dignified life for themselves and their families. By working to rebalance our plastic footprint, we are creating additional environmental AND social impact. Plastic waste that would have otherwise ended up in landfills, oceans or incineration plants is intercepted on our behalf, while allowing waste scavengers to transition into more formal jobs with ethical conditions.

Prima is incredibly proud to have achieved their Plastic Negative Certification with rePurpose Global. Together, we are working to fund the collection, processing, and reuse of TWICE as much ocean-bound plastic waste as we use across our packaging and operations. By making this bold commitment, every Prima purchase will now carry a Negative Plastic Footprint. We know that everything we do — and every product we make — has an impact, and that’s why we are doing two times as much (which actual qualifies us for “Plastic Negative” status) It is our duty to reimagine design and embrace circularity, ensuring that we positively contribute to a thriving planet for future generations to come.

Prima was built on the fundamental belief that better is possible.

Prima was built on the fundamental belief that better is possible. We are disruptors, truth tellers, caretakers, and builders of a new wellbeing “uprising” that utilizes functional botanicals to heal our bodies—with truth, integrity and uncompromising standards. This Plastic Negative certification further reflects our dedication and commitment to better.

As a prominent player in the consumer goods and products sector, Prima recognizes the grave threat that plastic pollution poses to the future of our planet and is planning to take further action against this epidemic.We have seen the devastating amount of waste generated every day by the consumer products and personal care industries.  We recognize that every product we make has an impact, which is why we hold our sustainability commitments to the highest standards. It is no longer enough to simply offset what’s equivalent to our ecological footprint. Instead, we need to go beyond mitigating our harm. The desire to create a positive impact beyond our own waste footprint is what led us to commit to earning rePurpose Global’s Plastic Negative Certification. To us, the urgency of this crisis was impossible to ignore and we decided to step up—for ourselves and even for our competitors who aren’t yet taking climate action.

This initiative also positively impacts communities on the frontlines of climate change. Waste worker communities who work with RePurpose Global’s partner organizations form the backbone of our Plastic Negative Certification. Your Prima purchase is helping rePurpose Global and its waste management partners to add crucial income streams for informal waste workers and their families.

Through our Plastic Negative contributions, rePurpose Global pays ethical wages to waste workers for collecting hard-to-recycle, low-value plastic waste items (e.g. chips wrappers). These are items for which they don’t receive compensation in the current recycling market. Our partnership with rePurpose Global also funds their emergency food provision campaigns, as well as healthcare initiatives, educational programs, and more, all of which support the wellbeing of vital waste worker communities. In this way, waste workers are fairly compensated for their important work of  diverting plastic waste that would otherwise pollute our natural world and contribute further to the current ecological crisis we face.

So your final questions may be: Why is Prima still using plastic packaging? Have we explored more eco-friendly alternatives?

We still use a small amount of plastic in our products - by total volume and weight.  At Prima, we are dedicated to continual innovation in sustainable packaging, working hard to minimize our use of non-renewable resources (i.e. plastic) and maximize our use of renewables (i.e. glass), and only using plastic when absolutely necessary for the product. And as with our overall approach to sustainability, including ingredients, carbon neutrality, and our Plastic Negative certification, we provide full transparency to the materials we use in our packaging, so you know what they are and how they can be recycled (or not) when you’re done.

Our commitment to being Plastic Negative as a company is one more step towards better, every day.

Whilst over 90+% of what we use in our packaging is recyclable, we do acknowledge that not everything we make is recyclable (ie. springs in spray nozzles and rubber gaskets in the pipette on our droppers), and we’re deeply committed to changing and improving that wherever we can without compromising the quality and safety of our products. Our commitment to you is that we’ll continue to evolve and improve as we grow, together. Our commitment to being Plastic Negative as a company is one more step towards better, every day: from all of us at Prima, thank you for your ongoing support.

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