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One of LA's top fitness instructors and celebrity trainers, Kim has been an athlete her entire life—infusing joy, play and infectious energy into every workout and every day. With over a decade of experience at some of the most prestigious gyms in the country, she's known for her dynamic, results-driven workouts combining yoga and strength training...and for her killer backflip.

How does physical activity impact your overall wellbeing? Tell us a bit about the mind-body connection, for you...

For me, physical activity is everything. It’s time for me to honor my body through movement and it’s also a way for me to clear my mind. When I take this time for myself I feel physically stronger, calm and centered.

What do you love to do to stay active and whole?

I am active every day. I’m constantly working out with clients, hiking, weight training or running. When I have a day off, I still love getting outside for a hike, running the Santa Monica Stairs or doing Acroyoga on the beach.

What are you tips for staying motivated?

Make it fun! Do things you love—if you hate running don’t run. Find ways to make working out more enjoyable...go on a hike or ride a bike with a friend, plan to take a class together and get a healthy lunch after.

Tell us something you’re especially excited about...

I am so excited to host my first women’s retreat this October 17th-21st with Retreats Unlimited at Civana Carefree Resort in Arizona. You can read more about it here.

Taking care of ourselves shouldn’t be a chore—so make it something you look forward to.

Do you incorporate music into your activity or practice? Favorite artists or tracks on repeat?

I incorporate music into everything I do! All I have to say is any playlist by Alex Cruz.

Favorite healthy, on-the-go snacks? 

I am always on the go, so snacks save my life. I am that person that will whip out an avocado and eat it with a spoon. As for bars, Bullet Proof Collagen Bars are my favorite. I’m also a sucker for dried mango.

How important is recovery? Any tips for recovery that you can share? 

As someone who’s had hip and knee surgery I will tell you recovery is so important. I don’t think I gave my body the proper recovery for years, which lead to surgeries. I believe one or two days of rest is key...and always stretch! I find the best way to get a stretch in is to take a yoga class.

What is your ritual for relaxation? At the end of a long and active day, what do you do to restore and reset?

My favorite way to relax is taking an Epsom Salt bath. It helps ease sore muscles and is also detoxifying. I light a few candles, turn on some zen tunes and relax.

At Prima, we believe that self-care is health care. What is one thing you do to prioritize your physical, emotional or social health?

If I had to pick one thing, I would say yoga. In my personal practice, I am making space for myself, creating time to connect with my body and focusing on breath to create stillness in my mind. I truly believe when we make this time, we show up better for ourselves and everyone else in our lives.

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