How to Get Rid of Negative Energy

The Magazine: How to Get Rid of Negative Energy

Positive and negative energy is not something visible or easily quantifiable, but it is certainly tangible. We sense positive and negative energy put out into the world by others, and we put out the “good vibes” and “bad vibes” ourselves. This energy isn’t limited to people — certain environments, situations, and events can emit positive and negative energy, too.

No matter where it comes from, the goal is to dodge negative energy whenever possible. In doing so, we are more able to lead the lives we want and deserve to live. How can we avoid negative energy?

How negative energy manifests

Negative energy can be elusive, an entity all its own. Negative energy can also be contagious, an all-encompassing force, sometimes making its origin hard to pinpoint.

Bridget Ambrose, an energy healer and Reiki Master, says that a person’s home and living space can brew negative energy if it is cluttered, unorganized, and dirty. Similarly, people whose personalities do not mesh with our own can feel like negative energy, causing that same energy to brew within us. Past traumas, histories, or relationships that we are struggling to move past can cause us to be a vessel for negative energy as well.

How to get rid of negative energy

What does negative energy feel like? You may feel out of balance, stressed, or restless when you’re in a negative environment. You may feel tired or zapped of your energy. How do you shake off that negative energy?

1. Clean and liven up your space

We’re living in a time where “Marie Kondo-ing” is a verb. But there’s a reason for that. In her book and on her show, Marie Kondo consistently enforces the fact that tidying up your space causes you to tidy up your life, changing aspects of your day-to-day that are not working. There’s validity in this: a Princeton University Neuroscience Institute study found that our brains respond positively to organization.

Whether you’re a Marie Kondo fan or prefer something a little less intense, tackle the messes in your physical space to get rid of negative energy. That can look like straightening up your living room, cleaning out a long-forgotten junk drawer, or finally folding that pile of laundry sitting in the corner.

2. Try consuming CBD products

Cannabidiol (CBD) can help return balance to your being*. CBD has several energy-boosting properties that can help you rally when you’re feeling drained*, including balancing your energy levels throughout the day*.

CBD can also be found in a multitude of self-care products, helping you build a routine of intentionality with yourself that can help cope with stress and other manifestations of negative energy.

3. Explore meditation

We often hear the importance of breathing and remaining present. Both are difficult amidst the heaviness of day-to-day life. In meditating, you can set an intention for the day, a mantra — something that you can put out positively into the world and into yourself. A 2014 study published in JAMA Internal Medicine found that meditation reduces stress and, therefore, negative energy.

Meditating is just another way to set positive intentions for your day, destress, and remind yourself that you are in control, no matter where the day takes you.

4. Try mindfulness

Yes, there’s a difference between meditation and mindfulness. The latter is particularly well-suited for changing your state of feeling or being. If you’re feeling exhausted or stressed by negative energy, try a mindfulness exercise to help bring you into a positive state of thinking and being.

5. Try to incorporate some “you” time

We mention being intentional with yourself a lot; however, true “you” time can be hard to come by in life’s busyness. Whether you set the time aside daily, weekly, biweekly — whenever — it’s a positive choice you’re making for yourself.

A study done by the British Journal of Psychology found that certain people don’t benefit from high levels of sociality. While spending time with other people can be beneficial for a multitude of reasons, it’s also imperative that people get time to themselves. In this way, it’s easier to clear your mind, reset, and restore balance.

Some excellent ways to incorporate “you” time can be hiking, going to yoga alone, taking a weekend trip alone, or something as simple as taking a hot bath. CBD bath bombs like our Bath Gem can soothe the mind and body, helping to reduce the negative energy that may surround us on especially difficult days.

6. Avoid negative people

This solution seems like the easiest, but it’s probably the most difficult. Avoiding negative people is not always easy. We cannot be in control of other people’s energies and moods, and thus, we cannot avoid negative people entirely. However, we can choose who we keep close and with whom we choose to further relationships.

It can be difficult to end relationships that are detrimental to your positive energy, but it is a necessity in avoiding negative energy yourself. And for the times when negative people seep into your life despite your greatest efforts, going back to “you” time will be useful.

Shaking off the negative, embracing the positive

It can be difficult to figure out how to avoid or combat negative energy in our day-to-day lives, especially when some negative energy is out of our control. However, when we have the tools to create solutions for said negative energy, we regain control, no matter what life throws at us. Sometimes, meditation, CBD products, mindfulness, and self-care can help remove the negative energy and usher in the positive energy.

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