Hemp Oil or CBD: What’s the Difference?

The Magazine: Hemp Oil or CBD: What’s the Difference?

It seems that Cannabidiol (CBD) is pretty much inescapable, from an infused massage at your go-to place or as an add-on to your latte at the coffee shop around the corner. But you’ve probably heard CBD called by a few other names, which doesn’t make it any easier to sort out what’s hype and what’s science. Hemp oil is one of those monikers, a term used to describe both CBD and hemp seed oil, its cannabinoid-less cousin. How is it that this one name has come to stand for both products? To understand how and why hemp oil has been used in place of both products, we’ll explain each product type, each product’s intended use, and why “hemp oil” is used in place of both hemp seed oil and CBD.

What is hemp seed oil?

Hemp seed oil has made its name as a delicious and nutritious superfood. This cold-pressed, unrefined oil is loved for its nutty flavor, dressing and drizzling all sorts of dishes. It’s best used as an addition to cooked dishes, as it has a low smoke point not ideal for cooking or frying. Importantly, hemp seed oil does not contain any CBD, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), or really any cannabinoid content at all.

Hemp seed oil is also commonly used as a supplement. This seed is one of the only plant-based sources of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids normally found in fish, making hemp seed oil an essential food if you prefer to adhere to a plant-based diet.

Its moisturizing properties make hemp seed oil an excellent ingredient for skincare and beauty products. Studies have shown that hemp seed oil’s high omega-6 content can help support the skin barrier.

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What is CBD?

An abbreviation for Cannabidiol, CBD is one of the most well-known active compounds found in hemp and cannabis plants. This phytocannabinoid is extracted and incorporated into many product types, including capsules, lotions, and beverages. CBD is one of many known cannabinoids that interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Discovered in the 1990s, the ECS is believed to play a role in homeostasis, or your body’s balanced way of being.

Importantly, CBD is non-intoxicating. Industrial hemp differs from high-THC cannabis in its cannabinoid content: hemp is generally defined as cannabis plants which contain .3% or less THC. At Prima, our products are made using phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract with this trace THC removed, namely: broad spectrum CBD.

Hemp seed oil, hemp oil, and CBD: what’s in a name?

There’s a clear difference between hemp seed oil and CBD. But what about “hemp oil?”

Hemp oil has been used interchangeably in marketing and advertising by both CBD companies and consumer product companies that use hemp oil in their product instead of CBDs. Some brands using hemp seed oil drop “seed” in hopes of attracting customers looking to buy CBD.

If you’re not sure if a product is hemp seed oil or CBD, take a look at the ingredients panel on the package or the web page. The key word you’re looking for is “seed,” whether written as “cannabis sativa seed oil” or “hemp seed oil.” The seed is a signal that the hemp ingredient in question is not a CBD extract, but the nourishing, moisturizing, and nutritious hemp seed oil. If the ingredient list says Cannabidiol, CBD, hemp extract, or phytocannabinoid hemp extract, the hemp oil in question is likely CBD or a product containing CBD.

Hemp seed oil, CBD, or both: which is right for you?

Hemp seed oil and CBD often appear side-by-side in skincare, and for good reason. Both are game-changers for your skin, but they work in different ways. Take our Skin Therapy ultra-rich body butter, for example. Hemp seed oil is one of the key ingredients, used for its moisturizing and skin-nourishing fatty acids. That same body butter also contains CBD, which engages with the endocannabinoid system.

There’s no true “wrong” or “right” choice if you’re deciding between hemp seed oil and CBD. More often than not, the two hemp-based ingredients are in lock-step with one another, supporting many of the same wellness goals from different angles and approaches. Many more products in our line, including the award-winning and clinically proven Night Magic facial oil, the relaxing Soak It In bath gem, and The Daily CBD capsule, harness the power of both hemp seed oil and CBD. As with any other regimen, though, speak with your doctor before incorporating hemp seed oil or CBD into your self-care routine.

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