Nikki Reed's Ginger Bug for Gut Health

The Magazine: Nikki Reed's Ginger Bug for Gut Health

If you like functional beverages, you’ll love this ginger bug recipe by actress and health advocate Nikki Reed. A ginger bug is similar to the idea of kombucha — it’s made with fresh ginger that has been fermented with sugar to unlock natural probiotics and enzymes for digestion and gut health. Hello, happy and healthy belly!

Cook Time

1 week


3 tablespoons fresh organic ginger

7 teaspoons organic cane sugar (over 7 days)

1 cup water

8 oz mason jar


1. Chop 3 tablespoons of fresh ginger

2. Add one cup of water to your mason jar and add the ginger to the water

3. Add one teaspoon of organic cane sugar to start, and mix ingredients

4. Cover, and let sit overnight. Then, add the same amount of sugar to your mix every day for one week

5. In about 7-9 days your bug is ready! You can tell that it’s active if there are bubbles forming around the top of the mixture. It should smell a little sour and have a fizzy taste.

6. Add a tablespoon of your ginger bug to any drink!

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