CBD Diary: Benjamin Abboud

The Magazine: CBD Diary: Benjamin Abboud

Our CBD Diary series features an inspiring group of Uplifters who use CBD to positively impact their lives in a variety of ways. From morning supplements to mid-afternoon fueled smoothies and CBD nightcaps — read on to see how our community is using their favorite products to #liveprima every day. Each takeover can also be found saved to our CBD Diary highlight on our Instagram.

Introduce yourself! Who are you, and how would your friends describe you?

My name is Benjamin Abboud am I am a little pisces taking on year two (2) in the wonderful city of NYC. I studied Hospitality Management at Kent State University and worked within the field for several years and then COVID rocked our industry. Currently at WeWork & spreading all of the smiles & good energy I can in the process. I credit my sanity to my wonderful & angelic cat named Winnie & family for keeping my batteries charged. I would say that my friends describe me as very optimistic & positive w/ love for all. I also stand by this description & I am very proud of the energy I emit! Firm believer in love for all and making that energy & overall vibration known.

How long have you been using CBD in your wellness routine?

I have been using CBD in my routine for the past six months, starting around the beginning of the pandemic. I have always been a bit scattered and moody, and the intensity seemed to increase during the pandemic, as well as through unemployment. I found that dabbling into CBD truly impacted me in such a positive manner. My vibes seemed to have balanced and the stresses of life don't hit as strong. I am a big fan this far along!

The introduction of CBD into my life has acted as a weighted blanket of sorts that has made me feel a bit more at ease and secured.

How has CBD impacted your day-to-day life?

Ever since I started using CBD, I feel more at ease. My day-to-day life feels to flow much easier and the daily stresses I face have not come off as strongly. My personal self feels much more secure and confident. CBD has put a pause on my scattered little mind and allows me to be more balanced.

How do you take The Daily?

I take The Daily in the morning and stick to my HUM Nutrition Beauty ZZ's in the evening hours. The Daily supplement acts as more of a ritual to me, allowing me to feel more at ease and confident in the day ahead. The Daily truly is the ultimate "chill pill" for life, which makes the daily stresses of life to feel miniscule and easy to overcome. Though this ritual works for me in the mornings, I have dabbled at night to have my scattered thoughts calm a bit which has worked but morning hours / afternoon intake is the real MVP in my eyes! The best part about The Daily is that it eases oneself without affecting productivity.

What would you tell someone who is considering beginning a supplement such as The Daily into their routine?

I would tell them to lean into the supplement. Such supplements take time to manifest & are not the fix for all or a magical pill. Supplements such as The Daily should become ritualistic in a sense and will truly act as a supporting role in your day-to-day life, soaking in the troubles and allowing you to sail forward into some positive & soothing light. I am a very impatient person and I was not certain that I was getting the benefits but after forgetting The Daily in NYC on a venture home, I noticed a little step backward on my journey. The ritual is key.

What is one way you are going to continue to #liveprima in 2021?

I am planning to #liveprima through smiles & positive energy. I will be meditating my way through 2021 and manifesting the best for those around me. Bettering oneself allows room to better those around you so I will be doing just that! Rituals, habit & manifesting the best will be key & The Daily will be by my side through the bumps in the road to come. One thing about COVID is that despite all of the challenges faced, I have tried to better myself & discover myself through the obstacles as well as those surrounding me. Continuing that into 2021 and Prima will be a great partner along the way.

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