discovering true physical, mental and social health

Is the Law of Attraction Real? Understanding Manifestation

The Endocannabinoid System and CBD: What You Should Know

What is Emotional Health and Why Does it Matter?

Different Types of Stress: Causes, Effects & Solutions

The Importance of Human Connection

The Difference Between Hemp CBD and Marijuana CBD

Understanding Inflammation: Triggers, Prevention and How to Heal

Lunar and Ancestral Healing with Juliana Luna

The Definitive Guide To Adaptogens

What they are, what they do for your body, and why they work so well with CBD.

Wellbeing vs. Wellness

Wellbeing embraces our attention, consciousness, and adaptation of the journey that we call life. It’s where we practice, evolve, do, and be.

The Top Natural Mood Boosters You Should Know About

14 Easy Ways to Focus Better At Work

The 20-Day Mental Wellness Challenge

9 Tips on How to Find Peace of Mind

The Easiest Way to Layer Prima Skincare for the Ultimate Glow

Activate your skin’s natural potential to radiate with our 3-step routine

7 Wellness Goals That Bring Happiness and Life Balance

Active Listening and Holding Space

10 Best Natural Sleep Aids You Should Check Out

Can CBD Spice Up Your Sex Life?

How to Get Rid of Negative Energy

On Sex and Cannabis: A Conversation with Ashley Manta

High Stress Parenting in COVID Times: How Daily Habits and CBD Can Help

10 Positive Habits That Have The Power to Transform Your Life

8 Supplements for Mental Clarity: How to Fuel your Brain

Laura Rubin: On the Power of Pen to Paper

Dr. Ziva Cooper

The Research Director of the UCLA Cannabis Research Initiative who has spent the past twenty years studying the therapeutic effects of cannabinoids and psychoactive substances.

The Surprising Connection Between Stress & Your Gut

Here’s why your intestinal microbiome is so important to your overall health and what you can do to keep it healthy (Hint: It’s not probiotics pills).

Why Stress-Care Is The New Self-Care

Relax Your Mind: 14 Techniques To Slow Down

Mental Hygiene and Meditation: A Conversation with Emily Fletcher

Positive Mental Attitude: How to Get There

How to Take a Holistic Approach to Health

How Is Stress Impacting Your Sex Life?

Afterglow founder Lilly Sparks breaks down the connection between sex and stress and shares fun tips for stress relief.

Dr. Timothy Birdsall

The naturopathic physician and clinical researcher.

Dr. Will Cole

The functional medicine practitioner who consults worldwide in autoimmune, brain, gut, hormone and thyroid health.

Meet Katie Wells, Wellness Mama

6 Science-Backed Benefits of a Hot Bath

5 Natural Sexual Health Products for Women To Try

Balanced Lifestyle: Tips for Achieving Balance in Life

7 Transforming Wellness Tips for a Balanced Life

Death Over Dinner: A Conversation about Mortality with Michael Hebb

What Do Bath Bombs Do For Your Skin?

CBD Diary: Benjamin Abboud

Understanding Stress: The Science and Strategies to Combat This Everyday Toxin

How does stress impact the body? Learn more about the different types of stress and how this everyday toxin can impact the body.

Not Another Clean Beauty Brand—Why The Planet Needs Accountable Brands, Not Sustainable Ones

CBD Powders With Immediate Benefits for the Here & Now

Need an instant boost of energy? A non-habit forming nightcap? It’s just a few sips away.

How Can CBD Help to Improve Sleep?

With the number of Americans affected by sleep issues at an all-time high due to the epidemic of stress, there is a growing interest in people seeking natural remedies for sleep. Could CBD be the answer?

4 Easy Ways to Support Mothers

How to Gua Sha: Techniques That Will De-Stress Your Face, Neck and Shoulders

And relieve the internal sources of tension that are causing fine lines, skin sagging and more

Stress Management Activities to Minimize Everyday Stress

7 Easy Ways to Implement CBD Into Your Everyday Routine

Dr. Raphael Mechoulam

The “Godfather of Cannabis,” an award-winning Israeli researcher who has been studying the plant for over 50 years.

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