My Ritual

daily self-care habits and practices of our tribe

Nikki Reed

Nikki Reed award-nominated actress, singer-songwriter, screenwriter, model, activist, wife and mother share her CBD and self-care ritual.

Chelsea Leyland

DJ, model, filmmaker and cbd advocate on a mission.

Kim Strother

The premier trainer and fitness instructor — and fun-loving wellness enthusiast.

Anna Getty

Activist, philanthropist, investor, healthy lifestyle spokesperson, wife and mother.

Jesse Israel

Speaker, teacher and founder of the mass meditation movement, The Big Quiet.

Jacy Cunningham

Madame Gandhi

Electronic music producer, drummer, artist and activist known as Madame Gandhi.

Dria Murphy

The trampoline guru and founder of Alise Collective passionate about supporting wellness brands.

Meika Hollender

Feminist founder of Sustain Natural, a feminine self-care line revolutionizing women's health.

Rajni Jacques

Creative force and Fashion Director of Allure.

Clémence Polès

Founder of Passerbuys, a recommendation website for women.

Jessica Capshaw

Actress, mother and wife of our founder, Christopher Gavigan.

Ricki Lake

Actress, producer and documentary filmmaker committed to art for social change.

Lauren Singer

Founder of Package Free Shop and the face of Zero Waste.

Miki Agrawal

Entrepreneur, author, wife and mother breaking down taboo topics for social good.

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