B Corp & Proud: An Invitation to Join Us on the Path Forward

The Magazine: B Corp & Proud: An Invitation to Join Us on the Path Forward

I could not be more proud to announce that Prima has received  B Corp Certification. It’s an accomplishment that reflects over two years of hard work and commitment to building our business on an deeply ethical foundation that honors our employees, our customers, our communities and the environment with the utmost dignity and respect.

Our mission—to uplift science and nature to advance health and cultivate collective wellbeing—is our north star. 

Every day, we have an opportunity: to decide how to act, to live our unique truth, to seek continuous improvement and to challenge the status quo. This B Corp Certification allows us to join a diverse, passionate community of over 3000 certified organizations across 70 countries and 150 different industries—including Patagonia, AllBirds, Cotopaxi, Athleta, BeautyCounter, Ben & Jerry’s, Seventh Generation and Danone—all purposefully embracing empathy in business to take critical action for social and environmental causes and improvements.

Prima was built on the fundamental belief that better is possible. We are disruptors, truth tellers, caretakers, and builders of a new wellbeing “uprising” that utilizes functional botanicals to heal our bodies—with truth, integrity and uncompromising standards. And as we celebrate our one-year anniversary, it’s an honor to do so alongside a new breed of businesses that are redefining what success really means, and harnessing their new power as activists and resources for the greater good.

Especially now, more than ever, we’re calling on all businesses to do the step up and commit; to prioritize ethically aligned and responsible actions over being the next best, most lucrative thing. At Prima, this is precisely why we established ourselves as a Public Benefit Corporation from day one—so that we could be held accountable. And, it’s why we’ll remain unwavering in our commitment to industry-defining standards of purity, quality, ethics and social impact. It’s not the easy path. It's the hopeful path, the unselfish path, the just path.

It’s clear that PURPOSE should be (and will be) the new normal. It’s thrilling to see and feel the desire for dramatic change, and to be a driving leadership voice in this industry for the need for more fair, inclusive and sustainable capitalism. Our willingness and desire to help other businesses, as a mentor and guidepost, will challenge us even more to do our part in building a more equitable, inclusive, fair and healthier future.

In light of our country’s recent, long-overdue moral reckoning, our responsibility to continue evolving—learning and progressing—is even more clear and imperative. By creating practices to inform and influence what is inclusive, equitable and regenerative, we as business owners must broaden the paradigm to ensure that it can work for all, and not for just the elite, well-connected or more fortunate.

  • Inclusive: bringing all voices to the table and creating opportunity for all of those voices
  • Equitable: evolving the economic system in a way that changes the power dynamics
  • Regenerative: supporting and positively impacting the natural systems/environment on which life depends

This sharpened focus reflects the deeper, compulsory wake-up call that all business leaders must consider. This is an invitation to walk alongside Prima, and the entire B Corp community, on a value-led, path—so critical, so inescapable, so essential. If we all continue to evolve, grow and thrive, so will our ability to impact healthy and conscious change for our generation and those that follow.

From all of us at Prima: thank you for your passionate support. We love serving and supporting you—and look forward to a bright and beautiful future.

This truly is bigger than all of us... and we’re just getting started.

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